Divest It Like It’s Hot — Official Music Video

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released: April 23, 2014



If you invest in fossil fuels
Divest it like it’s hot, divest it like it’s hot
If big oil tries to get at you
park it like it’s hot, park it like it’s hot
if a business gets an attitude
Drop ’em like it’s hot, drop ’em like it’s hot
I got McKibben on the phone and I’m gonna protest,
Gotta stop climate change; you know its time to divest

It’s a nice school with good facilities,
See this library, see these palm trees
We got bachelors, and masters degrees
In every single subject from math to Chinese
The Mission, exterior got white on
The interior, historical like Babylon
We get exercise too, go get your gym on
We don’t cheat on tests and we read Pynchon
Killers on the grades, I know killa teachers aids
with the skill to make you feel like you already got it made
So its time to make a new headline
Talkin all that climate stuff, tryna divest stuff
[When the coast floods you’ll see we ain’t been doin enough]
You should give it some thought, take a moment (ding)
Matter fact you should sign a slip
and think before you watch a lil tv clip


I’m an activi$t, Ya’ll knew that,
the big thinker, ya I had to do that
I keep an orange flag hanging out my back side
but only on the left side, yeah thats the left side
Ain’t no other way to change the game the way we say
I protest like it was in my DNA
Get a new fuel, and this will resolve
see i specialize in making the old system evolve
So bring yo friends, all y’all come rally
We got a world-wide campaign right here, don’t dally
So let’s get moving, you know what we doing
Got a school full of students and we’re all here grooving
Waiting on the Prezzle, congress and the courts
it’s about to get globally hot, so wear shorts


Let me tell it to you straight
Our business model today just isn’t okay
We’re majorly stuck, you know that it’s cray,
In the shortsighted precedent of yesterday
We got C02 levels going out the wazoo
And a toxic addiction to fossil fuels
These corporations are destructive, arrogant and dumb
The way they’re burning carbon like it’s 451

Let’s keep them accountable, show ’em what the score is
Cause with massive subsidies they’re still making record profits
They break the bank while the water gets higher
And as the planet gets hotter
It’s coming down to the wire
How do we escape this system of destruction?
Let’s remove our stakes – it’s a matter of deduction

So we’re goin’ grass roots — that supersedes
Re-freeze the ice caps, reverse polarity
Santa Clara U — we’re on a Mission
Forget about green house gasses? — that’s omission

We know they’re big donors
But we can fund other ways
And leave this shortsighted living just for today
We control our future, now it’s time to design
A world that’s sustainable, a fate that’s creatable
And though it seems improbable
These challenges are solvable
But we, at the end of the day, are responsible


Lyrics by Roscoe Escobar & Zach Milkis
Video by Robert Boscacci & Zach Milkis


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