Month: May 2014

Do we have to spell it out?

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Do we have to spell it out?

Photos from our latest action are up! On May 1st we lit up the lawn outside our biggest residence halls with LED candles to spell it out for the University: SCU, it’s time to DIVEST. click the photo to see more.

Advertisements thinks we’re EPIC!

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late post but THANKS, 350!

THANKS, 350!

Fossil Free SCU gets picked up by Grist!

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Media coverage continues! Read what Grist had to say about us and our “Sweater Vested Interests”:

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 9.32.35 PM  “Watch college kids cover Snoop in ‘Divest It Like It’s Hot'”

Huffington Post calls our video “a new anthem for the fossil fuel divestment movement”!

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Our video got covered by more mainstream media! The Huffington Post thinks we’ve got moves, in fact Jamie Henn, Co-founder and Communications Director of (the group that started the divestment movement!) says we’re something to dance to. Thanks, Jamie! We’re blushing… 🙂